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BENT. was created out of a passion for sports and sister-brother love. We love kitesurfing, snowboarding. They give us power, freedom, craziness, and relaxing chillout. We love traveling and discover new places. We want good memories to be always with us, like a vacation hoodie that smells of the sea and adventure. That's why we came up with BENT. We’ve BENT reality so that power, passion, freedom, and palm trees are always with us! 

The palm tree from the logo symbolizes chill, vacation, sunshine, and smile. The green color represents memories, chill, nature, and peace. Fuchsia is passion, desire, and optimism. 

Clothes for us are the way to show what we carry in our hearts. BENT clothes - it’s this comfort with a hint of madness for people with personality, passion, and spirit. What is BENT? It is the rhythm of the waves, the breeze in the hair, a feeling of fulfillment and carefreeness. BENT. is people. People who want to bend and create their own reality. Find your own path, goals, passions.  We create clothes for ourselves and others who also feel this vibe - they love sports, pursue their passions and just like to chill. 

Join us! Now it is your time to BENT. your reality. 

We take care of ourselves, the people around us, and the planet. Our clothes are designed in Poland and sewn in local sewing factories, with respect for labor law and employees. The cotton we use is knitted in Polish knitting plants and it is certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. OEKO-TEX®. This means that our clothes are eco-friendly and safe for the body. We try to take care of every detail - the strings we use are made of recycled cotton and we do not use plastic. Our products are packed in boxes made of recycled materials.

BENT. it’s not a name, it’s a lifestyle. Now it’s your time to BENT. your reality.

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